ASTC launches its new department intelligent solutions division

To provide Qatar with intelligent solutions that are innovative, improves mobility and adds value to the daily life of its citizens.

Al Sraiya Trading & Contracting in its long established tradition of being at the forefront of all modernization trends, has launched a new department; Intelligent Solutions division (ISS), that aims to provide Qatar with intelligent solutions that are innovative, capable of improving mobility and adding value to the daily life of its citizens.
Al Sraiya Trading & Contracting's five year plan for their Intelligent Solutions division is to become a leading provider of cutting edge intelligent solutions in Qatar by providing smart, scalable and customizable solutions that make travel safer and faster, embracing socially responsible practices that meet the "Qatar Deserves the Best Vision".
ASTC's plans will be executed by focusing on providing intelligent solutions, transforming the transportation industry, increasing safety, efficiency and reducing energy usage to endorse environmental and social responsibilities.

Concentrating on the transportation industry, Al Sraiya Trading & Contracting drew 5 main areas:

1. Transportation
2. Smart lighting systems
3. Electrical Smart meter systems and devices
4. Renewable Energy Solutions
5. CCTV security systems

ASTC Renewable Energy Solutions

Other sections include; Bus fleet management and payment systems, Metro fleet management and payment systems, Tolling systems based on RFID or License Plate Recognition technologies, Parking Management Systems and Solutions, Multi-modal Fare Collection back office (Tolling, Parking, Taxi, Bus, Metro), Revenue Optimization through the use of an Integrated Transportation Payment System, Reduced Overall Operational Costs by implementing more efficient resource planning and utilization solutions, and at last, Traffic Engineering consultancy (Traffic impact Studies and traffic Diversions plan).

ASTC as well, will provide complete electronic security solutions including intruder alarms, CCTV, security lighting & access control,ranging from residential to commercial and industrial integrated security solutions.

intelligent solutions division

As part of defining the areas activities,ASTC explained its understanding of these areas starting with Transportation. It divided Transportation into several sections and sub sections With Intelligent Transportation Section, divided into 7 sub sections comprising of:

1. Congestion Management
2. Journey Planning
3. Automatic incident detection systems
4. Traffic signal timing improvements and configurations
5. Ramp metering solutions
6. Red Light Enforcement
7. Command and Control Center Solutions and Management Systems

ASTC CCTV security systems